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Deadwood Bad Lands

"The man who ventured the remark that a fool and his money are soon parted must have had in his mind's eye some place such as [Deadwood]....The 'tenderfoot' here brought face to face with...the slick confidence man, the claim jumper, the land shark and the desperado." The New York Times, August 13, 1877.

Badlands DistrictThe "Badlands District" is the term affectionately bestowed on the lower end of Main Street in Deadwood. The name reflects the areas reputation earned through its history of saloons, brothels, theaters, gambling halls, and opium houses, all of which provided raucous entertainment for the mostly- male population of the area in the late 1870’s when Deadwood was established, and beyond. Out of this district came many of the personalities and folklore that have made Deadwood famous. Even today, many residents and visitors alike can be heard to proclaim that “The Wild West is alive and well in Deadwood!” Not that you have to worry about “…the slick confidence man, the claim jumper, the land shark and the desperado” anymore. It’s more of a feeling, an attitude… one you sort of have to experience to truly understand.

Today the Deadwood Bad Lands is the location of historic buildings, folklore, tales of fact that are stranger than fiction, a ghost or two and one of the most unique shopping/gaming/dining experiences you will find anywhere. The Deadwood Bad Lands occupies the west side of the lower end of Main Street, specifically 604-620 Main St. Here you will find the Green Door Club (a 94% payback casino named after a brothel that operated directly upstairs from where the casino now sits), Wild Bill’s Bar & Steakhouse (named after one of the most famous figures of the wild west who, interestingly enough, was shot and killed just a few doors down only about a month after arriving in town), and the Nugget Saloon, home of the “World’s Best Bloody Mary” (just ask the bartenders).

There are also numerous retail outlets here with wares ranging from western clothing, accessories, gifts and souvenirs to just about any kind of candy you might have a hankerin’ for! Stop in while you are here and have a chat with some of the friendliest folks you could ever hope to meet! Then, once you’ve had your fill of shopping, gambling, great food and tasty treats, mosey on down to the Nugget Saloon and have a night-cap (or two) before riding off into the sunset.

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